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Are you digital yet?

Welcome folks!

Today we live in a virtual world with lost of applications, social presence and media.

No one would have thought about having the WWW at their palm a decade ago.

Now, we can manage our financial transaction without visiting the institutions. We can keep record of our health using numerous gadgets out there. We can watch news from around the world within minutes of it happening anywhere across the globe.

Still, we see that in developing countries, the people have not understood the might of this virtualization completely.

Such people shrug this off with excuses that they are not trained for such anything technological. We can hardly imagine anyone without smart phones in their pockets. If they can manage to work out a smartphone they can handle this web world easily with a few clicks.

There is an urgent need to educate people on use of technology and other social platforms. Should engage them to make them aware about the power of Digitization.

Small and medium businesses need to make themselves present on Web by any of available means – websites, mobile applications, social media etc.

This can happen with proper involvement of the younger lot. They should take some time out of their schedules to educate the older lot. This will do charm and lead the civilization to a whole new virtual world.


SEO is very important for website promotion

We often tend to sit relaxed once we have a website launched.

But that is just the beginning. To bring users to your website is a very tedious job.

It is, basically, a gradual process that takes its own course of action.

Normally, people hire specially trained professionals for making their website’s presence felt across the web.

There are many ways to do so and the professionals know their job well.

So we should leave it to their disposal. We need to keep track of how our website is doing and can’t leave everything to the professionals blindly.

This can be done using various online and offline tools.

One can do search on popular search engines like:

You will see with time that website promotion and SEO ranking can do wonders to your website and business.

Changing Trends

We have seen the trends changing every now and then.

Early Years

During early years when technology and computers were new to the world, we had command line and a very hard to manage UI.

It required certain technical skills to manage the same.

With advent of new technology and languages, human interaction with computers started becoming easier.


Microsoft brought windows on every computer to each household that made life so easier for common man. Now users could easily relate with the machine and do their chores.


Mobiles had been one of the greatest technological boons to the human race. Earlier phones were limited to calling and plain texting and there were limited options.


With invention and technological advancements in this field, now one can do a lot of things on their phones ranging from reading news, watching live shows, doing bank transaction and survilleance of their house holds.

With all these technological booms, website and app developers were thrown open for multiple challenges to lay out their websites with precision on these devices.

But as the hardware was making leaps, web design and development took its giant steps forward and is running smoothly shoulder to shoulder with the hardwares.