Monthly Archives: July 2017

Must have plugins for wordpress website

Welcome back guys,

Today, we will discuss about various plugins that are a BIG must for any WordPress blog/website.

We have noticed that some new developers tend to use plugins that can be vulnerable and a risk to your wordpress blog/website.

You need to be very attentive to which plugins you choose for your website/blog. Read the review and look for the ratings that plugin got.

So, to make your website perform better than the competition, you must have plugins that

  • Speed up your website/blog.
  • Secure your wordpress website/blog from vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • Take scheduled backups of files and database.
  • Can manage redirects and 404 Not Found errors.
  • Optimize your website/blog for various search engines.
  • Build landing pages with high conversion rates.
  • Promote and encourage social media sharing.
  • Can easily block spam comments.

So, choose your plugins wisely and make your website a better place to surf.

JDSL Solutions Team