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Must have plugins for wordpress website

Welcome back guys,

Today, we will discuss about various plugins that are a BIG must for any WordPress blog/website.

We have noticed that some new developers tend to use plugins that can be vulnerable and a risk to your wordpress blog/website.

You need to be very attentive to which plugins you choose for your website/blog. Read the review and look for the ratings that plugin got.

So, to make your website perform better than the competition, you must have plugins that

  • Speed up your website/blog.
  • Secure your wordpress website/blog from vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • Take scheduled backups of files and database.
  • Can manage redirects and 404 Not Found errors.
  • Optimize your website/blog for various search engines.
  • Build landing pages with high conversion rates.
  • Promote and encourage social media sharing.
  • Can easily block spam comments.

So, choose your plugins wisely and make your website a better place to surf.

JDSL Solutions Team

SEO is very important for website promotion

We often tend to sit relaxed once we have a website launched.

But that is just the beginning. To bring users to your website is a very tedious job.

It is, basically, a gradual process that takes its own course of action.

Normally, people hire specially trained professionals for making their website’s presence felt across the web.

There are many ways to do so and the professionals know their job well.

So we should leave it to their disposal. We need to keep track of how our website is doing and can’t leave everything to the professionals blindly.

This can be done using various online and offline tools.

One can do search on popular search engines like:

You will see with time that website promotion and SEO ranking can do wonders to your website and business.